A slow website leads to

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Enhance User Experience

Improves your customer's website experience with increased speed.

Boost SEO Rankings

Google uses your site's speed as a factor in determining your site's ranking.

Increase Conversions

A slow website can kill your conversions while boosting your speed can give your sales lift.

A Smooth Website Experience Will Increases Sales.

Do you want to increase sales on your website? Speed is your friend! Not only Google favors faster websites in search results,  but your customers love FAST. Think of your last online purchase. Did everything go smooth and as expected? Or did the website’s slowness made you run away?

Get from slow...

...to head turning!

My website was loading in about 5s-6s. After 1 week of work, the 5x6 guys brought it down to just 1s for new visitors, and around 800ms for recurring visitors. My sales got a huge improvement!

Happy customers. Happy you.

Why Improve Your Site Speed?

Decreasing the time it takes to load your site is the #1 thing you can do to dramatically increase sales and customer experience.

7% loss

for every 1 second delay

Today, a 1 second delay can bring you a loss of 7% of your customers. 

2x revenue

from ads

Mobile websites that load under 5s get 2 times the revenue from ads.

10% SEO

increase in Google rankings

A 1s increase in speed can increase your search results position by up to 10%.

47% more

mobile clients if loads in 3s

53% of mobile customers will leave your website if it loads in more than 3s.

1s delay

equals 16% less satisfaction

For every extra second your site takes to load, customer satisfaction decreases by 16%.

79% more

recurring shoppers

79% of shoppers who have to wait too long won’t come back to purchase again.



  • Advanced Website Speed Test
  • 15 Minute Consulting Call
  • Website Metrics


  • Advanced Website Speed Test
  • 30 Minute Consulting Call
  • Advanced Website Metrics
  • Full Website Backup
  • In Depth Perfomance Scan
  • Advanced Site Optimization
  • 50 Images Optimized
  • Testing
  • Before & After Report


  • Everything included in 2X INCREASE +
  • 30 Minute Follow-up Call
  • Extra Performance Scan & Optimizations
  • Unlimited Images Optimization
  • Free 1 Month Support
  • Free Website Host Migration*

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We truly believe that you will be amazed by the new speed of your website. But, if for any reason you would want your money back, we will give it to you in 30 days. No questions asked.


We thoroughly test all the optimizations we make in order not to break anything. We also make constant backups of your website at every step in the process. If for any reason something goes wrong we can easily revert to the latest stable version for free. 

If issues are related to speed we will fix them. If you need any other fixes, improvements or development we have a rate of $90/h.

Our goal is to have your website load in under 3s. This will depend a lot on the plan you choose and the type of website you have. We’ve improved websites to load in under 600ms, and some in 1.5s.

For sure! We’ve done it in the past, several times. One of those websites got to a low of 350ms for recurring visitors.

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